JC Paper Price Book
Since 1993 Windward Graphics worked with JC Paper to publish a comprehensive price guide. Windward wrote software to extract data from their inventory system and format it for publication. The 500-page guide has been updated at least once per year to reflect price and inventory changes. We created a modern, useable design for fast, comprehensive reference.
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Design, layout, and programming: Windward Graphics



Advent Software Product Sheets
Windward has worked with Advent Software since 1996 to maintain its document library. We follow Advent’s brand standards to create layouts for product sheets, case studies, white papers, and other collateral. Windward prints these documents on demand and ships them to Advent customers, offices, and events around the world.

Layout, printing, and fulfillment: Windward Graphics
Design: SS&C Advent





PayPal Benefits Brochure
Windward Graphics has coordinated printing and mailing for the eBay (and later, PayPal) annual employee benefits campaign. Beginning in 2007 Windward collaborated on design, layout, and printing, and managed additional vendors. Each campaign included benefits booklets, post cards, and related material. The 2018 mailing reached 10,400 employees.

Text design and layout and vendor management: Windward Graphics
Cover design: Factory 360

Project management: Anne Evers Communications, San Francisco, CA
Printing: Patsons Press, Santa Clara, CA
Mailing: Business Services Network, San Francisco, CA